Chairman's Award Interview

During the regional Chairman’s Award interview, do the judges actually time your 2 minute presentation? Do they interrupt you? What type of questions do they ask? Do they view your CA submission immediately before your interview? Any advice would be appreciated.

-Ian Shakil
Team 108

I had a thread like this on the Chairman’s Award forum but no one replied. I would also like to know these answers for my regional at the end of next week.

I was the adult mentor who accompanied our team’s two students to the Chairman’s Award interview at the Philadelphia Regional.

We were assigned times at lunch on the first day of the competition. You should check with the Pit Administration table to determine how this process will occur at your regional. FIRST may do this differently at each regional.

We were told we had about 3 minutes to “tell our story” as to why our team should win the award. Then the judges asked us questions for about 5 minutes. Again, depending upon the number of Chairman’s Award entries at a regional, this process may change.

We met with two judges. We all introduced ourselves and they thanked our team for submitting an award and for spreading the FIRST message. Each of our team took turns speaking. The judges asked questions for clarity while we were telling our story. The time went by very fast.

The judges then asked us questions to follow-up on what we told them. They listened and sometimes took notes. They specifically asked the students what they thought FIRST means to them.

After a few minutes and a few questions later, the judges thanked us for our time.

That was about it. I hope this helps. Good luck later this week.

Team #365
DuPont Miracle Workerz

We submitted our Award to Buckeye.

We had a schudled time. The students were there ( at the pits) 1/2 hour before and stayed for two additional hours. When I inquired if they were running late they said that we had been interviewed. Our team only remembers talking to 1 person and they stayed for only a few seconds and asked only 1 question.

I think the “New” system has failed.

At the GLR, we submitted a Chairman’s Award entry. We were never given a scheduled time but 2 judges did come to our pit and told us that they were there for our Chairman’s Award interview and asked 2 of us questions for about 5-7 minutes. So that was our experience.

Thanks everyone! This is very helpful.

as an interviewee for my teams chairmans award subimission, the other representitive and i found a suggestion for answering very helpful
in order to not interrupt each other and make sure we said everything, we took turns beginning answering the questions… and when one of us finished answering the other would say anything they felt was left out
it worked like a charm because our interview went really smoothly

I’m the head captain of my robotics Av team. While we were in Canada we made goodie box’s and also made a thank you book for all the judges. The interview went very well and the judges complimented our submission and said that it was well done. I personally think that was better then winning the Chairman’s award, but then again that might have been nice. :o) Team 188 won the chairman’s ward and they were very well deserving, I mean they were the reason we were up there that weekend!! So major props to team 188 and what a great second seed alliance partner as well!!


Why, thank you! All of our alliances were great. I guess it’s done for you as well, but in our Chairman’s interview, the judges were quite lax and didn’t cut people off (although they made it clear in their expression when you dragged on too much). It took about two minutes.