Chairman's Award Interview

Our team is a veteran and received the NASA grant. We submitted the Chairman’s award and clicked the box to not be judged. Do we still have to do an interview and prepare a video?

I see no reason to do so. NASA doesn’t require that you present, just that you have an essay.

Hi there, we’re having the same sort of question… but mainly we can’t figure out if we need to make a video. Veteran team, first NASA grant, Chairman’s essay submitted on time. Do we need a video? Do we HAVE to present? The information seems fairly unclear so far, and I am having trouble finding documentation that answers that for us. Thanks so much for any answers you might have for us!

There’s no requirement that you present and if you didn’t present then you won’t win which means a video isn’t required either. NASA has no way of knowing if you presented or not even if it was a requirement.

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