Chairman's Award Mishap

Here’s one for you-

We submitted our entry on about Jan 10th so it would be one less thing to do in the middle of the building season. At the time there was a rules clarification posted on the FRC Forum that clearly stated that the submission was to be 4 pages, one of which was the Executive Summary Page and that “entries in excess of 4 pages would not be considered”.

As a result of this FRC clarification we removed our graphics and essentially rewrote the entry so it would follow the rules.

Now, in response to reading this Delphi post, I look back at the FRC Forum and the original rules clarification is no longer there while there are several stating that the entry is 4 pages IN ADDITION to the Executive Summary. I am absolutely certain that I did not misread the original posting because I had several people read it to confirm it.

So essentially, in an effort to follow the rules, we cut our entry by 25% and lost all the glitz.

I hope it is enough.
Not happy.



You are correct. We began to make the same adjustment for three pages plus an exec summary, then investigated the original rules, then posted a more detailed question, then changed back when the decision was reversed. We then held our entry before mailing in case of further changes.



Your entry is IMPRESSIVE. Very nice!!

We hopefully will survive with the pages we submitted and the kids who will attend the interview are all jazzed up and ready. We took our graphics and made them into a presentation board to show at the interview.

If it’s meant to be it is meant to be. Nothing to be done now as far as I see it.


Thanks for the feedback Wayne. I agree. If it’s meant to be, then it is. Good luck with your interview and submission. In all, it will be a very meaningful experience for the students.

thanks a ton you guys, I was about to bring it up today (we live very close to the regional up in Seattle) and now seeing this answered this question for me too. Thanks again