Chairman's Award/NASA grant

Team 2656 was fortunate enough to receive a NASA Program Growth Grant this season. According to the following, we need to submit a copy of the Award submission to NASA:

Sponsored teams MUST COMPLETE a Chairman’s Award submission and provide a duplicate copy to NASA. If the team is a rookie team (and therefore ineligible to submit a Chairman’s Award to FIRST), the team must compose a narrative equivalent to the Chairman’s Award and submit it to NASA ( Either of these options will satisfy the requirement to submit a written annual report, as required of all Federal grant recipients.

It says to “submit it to NASA (”. If anyone has already done this, was there some sort of check-box or something to submit a copy to NASA on there? Our team captain took care of the submission, but I won’t be seeing her until after school today, so I wanted bounce it off here and see what everybody knows…

Yes there was a check box at firstawards

FIRST has a list of all the teams that receive NASA grants. NASA is provided with a copy of all the corresponding nominations that are submitted through There is a check-box to aid in identification of the grantees. But if the check box is not checked, we will still find and receive a copy (it will just take an additional step behind the scenes).



Thanks Yoda and Dave. I’ll double-check with our captain that she took care of that check-box, but it’s good to know NASA will get a hold of the submission either way.