Chairman's Award Presentation Props

Didn’t see any threads on the topic. What sorts of props do you bring into your presentation? Information boards? Other things? Do you interact with the information or just point to it? Etc.

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These are all observations. There are no rules or guidelines. I also do not make the rules. I am not expressing any preferences. The choice is yours.

Most teams use visual aids to reinforce their presentations. It can be posters, video, powerpoint or whatever that is used during the 7 minute presentation. Some teams present binders that reinforce the presentation. I have also seen many very effective presentations that use no visual aids.

I strongly urge you to have an observer attend the presentation. Their feedback is invaluable. Please also fill out a feedback form and give it to the judges before you make the presentation. The judges are not able to give any direct advice beyond the form.

Good luck!


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