Chairmans Award Requirements

So as you all may know Chairmans submissions are on February 6th. My team has already gathered together what we think we need for submission. My question is what are the exact requirements for submitting on the 6th as well as what is needed on the day of competition.

Before the day of competition, practice your presentation. Get your timing down. If you are bringing visual aids, keep them easy to set up and remove. The judges are on a tight schedule.
Practice until the students are comfortable with the presentation . The judges are looking for your data and the ability to communicate that data. The judges will have studied your submission, so the judges will be looking to hear something extra. Make it interesting.
On the day of competition, bring your video and your enthusiasm.
I have a practice not to accept pins or other giveaways. They will not give you an edge.
Be on time, be prepared and bring your passion.

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Love the name lol. To put it briefly,

On the 6th: Executive Summary and Essay. You’ll have to agree to video rights before submitting.

After: Video, Presentation, and Chairman’s Documentation Form (New to 2020).

Extras: Chairman’s Feedback Form!! Any materials that help add to your presentation. (Props, a Cart, TV?) All Optional. :smile:

On the 4810 Resource Page, there’s a document called ‘Robo-Rundown Chairmans 101’ in the awards section. It goes through some of the extra stuff in a little more detail.
Feel free to reach out if you have anymore questions!

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