chairman's award video information !!!

This is the first time we join chairman’s award and we need your help:

The video may be shown to the judges during the teams 5 minute presentation time at the discretion of the teams, however the team must provide the equipment for viewing (i.e., laptop).

What is the 5 minutes presentation time??
where and when it will be ??
what presentation can we do? (is it powerpoint or what i don’t understand)
In which language can we present it? (our native language is Arabic)

  1. they said the presentation 5 minutes and the video 3 minutes max … so the 2 minutes (5 -3 ) is for talking about what we did ??

  2. what programs should we use for the video? … i need programs that we can reach the video format they need.

please if u have any information please put it here …
and thanks
team 1946

One thing at a time…

  1. Each Chairman’s Award applicant gets a certain amount of time with the judges. 5 minutes is for presentation, the rest for questions/setup. Times will be posted at the event–either you sign up, or you are signed up. How you present is your choice; powerpoint, skit, anything, even video if you so desire.

As for language, use one the judges know. If they don’t know Arabic, then you might want to use a different language.

  1. Note the word “may” in the quote. This means, that if you choose to, you can show the video. However, you are not required to use the video in your presentation. You can use the 5 minutes any way you want; talking about what you did is, however, generally considered to be the best thing to do in that time. Visuals are up to you.

  2. I’m sure the experts will be coming in shortly to answer this one.

thanks for rapidly answers
i have another question … can we present it with only video so just show the video then waiting for questions ??

You can just show the video for 5 minutes. However, most of the info in the video is probably in your written submission. The three presenters are better at convincing the judges that your team really are what the documents say you are.

Usually, each team that submits a chairman’s essay, will be scheduled for a 15 minute period on Friday. 5 minutes for the presentation, 5 minutes for the judges to ask questions and the remaining 5 minutes is for entering the room and any setting up and leaving and to give the judges a minute or two for the next team.

Good luck.

are u sure ?? 5 minutes for the video … but they wrote that it must be 3 minutes!!

thank u

The video that you submit is not officially part of your presentation. You may show it if you wish, but it is not required during the presentation. If you do show it, take the remaining 2 minutes and talk about anything the video doesn’t cover, or open it up to questions early.

or you can extend the video you show till 5 minutes and just show that…HOWEVER the video you submit as the official Chairman’s Video submission must be three minutes…

you can do anything at the presentation, the chairman’s video is completely separate from the presentation as far as submission goes, you have to submit the chairman’s video as they have said you should

thanks alot for all … how can we know that it is the chairman’s award judgement time ?? i mean at the event??

They post the times on Thursday at your competition. Or go to the pit administration table and ask.

thank you