Chairman's Award Video Music

We are not really familiar with copyrighted songs, videos and all that. So we were thinking about what we could acctualy use in our video. We want to use a instrumental cover of a famous song but we don’t know if we can, and how to give the proper credit to the artist in the video.

I going to refer you to this thread since some of your questions are answered here.

For Chairman’s I’ve heard Unstoppable by The Score played. Team was 1156 at 2018 TVR/NYTR.

Search for “royalty free music” typically used for video production.

Note: “royalty free” does not necessarily mean “free of charge”. You might pay $1 or $50 or $100 or more for the right to use the song, but the license allows you to do so. There’s lots of free stuff out there too. But generally I feel you get what you pay for…

A few sites I really like for relatively inexpensive music for videos:, and There are many many other sites with great music.

If you really want to use that song by that great band (or some cover version of their song) there are avenues through which you can ask for permission (BMI? ASCAP?), but they tend to cost money if the artist/publishing company does say yes.

You might try contacting a local artist to see if they’re willing to work with you.

Little bit off the trail of the topic but I always like to serve as a reminder:

make sure to play with the volume of the music and the actual audio itself so that you can hear what’s being said vs what’s being played! :slight_smile:

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Yes! Good audio is better than good video quality. I mean ideally you have both, but you will notice bad sound quality a lot more than you’ll notice if that video was shot in 4K or 1080p or whether it was slightly out of focus.

Before you commit your final audio mix, take your video and play it back through a variety of audio systems. How does it sound being played right off your phone? On your living room TV and soundbar? On your desktop computer speakers? Play it in your car. Make sure your audio is clean and clear in all those circumstances.

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