Chairman's Award Video Question

I understand that teams are allowed to ask judges to watch their video as part of their presentation time, but if our team opts not to show our video during our time in front of the judges, is that video still viewed as part of the award? Would it be viewed before or after the presentation?

Thanks from a 1st time Chairman’s Award presenting team.

On mobile so I can’t provide a link to the manual section right now, but it states that the video isn’t judged. If they judge panel narrows the field down to a final 2 or 3 teams, the judge advisor (who does not participate in the final judging decision afaik) will view the “finalists’” videos and check them to make sure hey can be shown: no copyright infringement, profanity, etc. So no, the judges will not view your video unless you show it to them. Now I know that FIRST is somewhat lenient with CA judging rules, so they may view them anyway while doing research on your team. Or they may look it up online even before the competition. But you should probably plan on the judges not viewing it if you don’t put it in front of them.

That’s not entirely true. There is no GUARANTEE that the judges will see the video, but that doesn’t mean that the judges will definitely not see it. But yes, plan on the judges not seeing the video, so if you don’t show it in the room, don’t put info in the video that isn’t in other parts of the submission.

However, knowing that, we still don’t show it in the room so the presenters get more face time with the judges and we don’t have to deal with electronics in the room. Also, if you do decide to show the video in the room, you need to provide your own viewing medium. I.e. the presentation rooms will not have screens available to show your video or any powerpoints or anything. If you want an electronic screen for any reason, you need to provide that.