Chairman's Award Video submission quesion

So my team is planning to compete for Chairman’s Award and we were wondering about the video portion of it. We are tight on time an the video production is not going well. From my understanding the video isn’t judged unless you show it during the presentation so it shouldn’t be an issue if we submit 3 minutes of our logo or something similar. We were wondering if this would be acceptable or if it would damage our chances of winning.

From the Award Criteria -

Note 2: The Chairman’s Award is our highest honor and teams who receive the Chairman’s Award represent the highest standards of FIRST. When the Chairman’s judges have narrowed the selection to two or three teams, these contenders for the Chairman’s Award at all events will have their DVD viewed by the Judge Advisor for appropriate content and to ensure that the above guidelines have been met. Although the Chairman’s judges will not be judging your video as part of your submission, a DVD with inappropriate content will disqualify a team for the award.

At the very least, you can easily throw some pictures of your team into a movie maker that comes standard on most computers (imovie, windows movie maker, etc.) and put some music behind it without too much trouble. If you are affiliated with a school, they probably have a free license music site that you can pull a sound track from. Our district uses Soundzabound. :slight_smile: Good luck!

We made our Chairman’s award video in only a week (including the interviews). I would not suggest it, however, it can be done.