Chairman's Award Video Submissions

Hey everyone…

Just thought I’d share our chairman’s award video with everyone and maybe try to coerce you teams into posting what you have done :P.

Team 375 Chairman’s Award Video.


Nice video. Good luck with Chairmans. Best of the video is seven seconds into it imo. ^_^.

That is very nice. Thanks so much for sharing!!!

Best of luck to your team…hope to see you in Atlanta…

Wow. That is a nice video.
And I agree. The first seven seconds were amazing.

Good luck to your team!

Great Video and awesome writing Dan! you guys rock!

Thank-you for sharing your submission. Team 1557 submitted Chairman’s written materials for the 1st time & is now figuring out how to approach the DVD. All examples posted by other teams of both written & now DVD work are VERY helpful.

Great job by the way. It’s amazing how much you covered in the brief time allowed. The combination of still photography & video works well; plus I agree that your opening deserves a strong “thumbs up”!

Here is ours

have you created the “small” version yet?
we have the 3 minute, regular version done. Wondering the process for creating the smaller one that has to be included.

First of all, thanks everyone for all the support! A lot of hard work was put into this video, and we are very glad that you all enjoyed it.

We actually managed to compress the whole video down to the 5 megabyte required size using Adobe Premier. I can you the settings used if you want.

Here is the 2669 video:


Hello everyone, Thanks for watching our video and I hope you enjoyed it. Wanted to post some information about how we managed to get the video down to under 5 megabytes.

First off I used the latest version of Adobe Premiere that comes in the Adobe Master Collection CS4. After you finish putting all the elements of the video together and open up the Export --> Movie option under File (in Windows) you see this screen:

You can also see the video and audio settings I used. I found that the Windows Media Format was the smallest and it also showed an estimated file size at the bottom which is helpful though not completely accurate. I’ve also listed the settings I used below.

Export Settings:

  • Format: Windows Media

  • Output Name: This is where you want to save and also what you want to name your file.

  • Make sure Export Video & Export Audio are checked.
    Video Settings:

  • Codec: Windows Media Video 9

  • Bitrate Mode: Variable Unconstrained

  • Frame rate: 29.97 frames per second

  • Average Video Bitrate: 300
    The ‘Average Video Bitrate’ is what you need to change in order to increase or decrease the file size of your video. We used 300 for our video but depending on the length of the video you can change this number to stay within the file limit.

Audio Settings:

  • Codec: Windows Media Audio 9.2
  • Audio Format: 32 KBPS, 44 kHz, stereo CBR
    The ‘Audio Format’ can also effect the size of the video. It doesn’t effect it at the same level that the video bitrate does but you can still save some vital space by giving it a lower KBPS count.

After you have the settings the way you want and press ‘OK’ the job of rendering gets moved over to Adobe Media Encoder. All that’s left from there is to press Start Queue.

Hope this helps everyone when making their Chairman’s Video. If you have any more questions or I wasn’t completely clear on something let me know.

I have been watching all the chairman’s videos posted (less than 10 videos). So far, 375’s videos is the most amazing production skills I’ve seen from a FIRST crew.

Watch out hollywood !

Team 1557 finished its DVD earlier this week & just got it up on YouTube. We’re quite proud of the result & want to thank all teams who have already posted theirs.

Here’s the link to ours:

Nice video guys, one of the best I’ve seen.

Very nice video to all chairman award videos that are up…!
Best of luck to all of the teams entering!

High praise indeed. Thanks! (Your team’s work was a huge inspiration & guide for us.)

A few Qs about that video…

What do i bring to the Regional exactly?

Is it a DVD disk of the Video, burned as a movie or as simple DATA?

And where and how do i submit the <5MGBs file?

I am kind of confused on the format as well.

The Chairman’s Doc

Mentions the video is to be on DVD.

“Teams give DVD to judges at the RCA interview”

This is confusing because then it says the format must be

“A 16:9 (“widescreen aspect ratio”) Flash, Quicktime, or Widows Media file”

I am sorry, but neither of those 3 formats are DVD formats.

You can’t copy any of those formats to a DVD and play it in a DVD player. You must convert those formats to an authored DVD format.

So what did they really mean to say?

Burn one of those formats on a “DATA” DVD? A true DVD is *.VOB file that is authored. Generally a VOB files is either AVI or MPEG if renamed.

Can someone shed some light on the DVD for me? I assume at this point they mean burn the video file in one of the three video formats to a DATA DVD.

At the NY regional 375 submitted a data DVD. We used WMV format and just put a high quality version and a low quality (under 5 megabytes) on the disc.

The video on a dvd is just given to the judges by your presenters, you do not submit it anywhere else.

Check out thisone …