Chairman's Award Video

Hi, I have made Team 704’s video and it’s all completed! :smiley: I was wondering if we are the ones that have to provide the 5 MB version or will they convert it by extracting it from the DVD itself.

You will have to provide the 5mb version when you submit it to the judges. They will not be extracting anything from DVDs. If you feel that the 5 mb version is not good quality, you can submit 2 different copies, one high quality one 5 mb.

Good luck!

There seems to be absolutely nothing in the rules that says videos are to be submitted to the Championship Chairman’s judges interview.

??? Are teams suppossed to submit videos ?

Teams are urged to bring their DVDs to the judges during your interviews. These DVDs are then boxed and sent to FIRST for archiving so please do not supply your team’s only copy.


which ones are sent to HQ ? the dvds at the regionals or at the championship ?

I know the Regional ones were. I am unsure about the Championship ones.