Chairman's Award whosiewhat

Angela, first off I’d just like to say this is my first post -go me!!!-,

Last year I was part of the group that set up our teams Chairman’s Award entry. I agree with what was said in the last thread but I wanted to add some more info for you.

Last year’s rules were that the award entry had to either be a taped presentation or scrapbook like idea that didn’t take over ten minutes.

We created a video-history last year. Which we creatively packed in a lime green and black pizza box -complete with fake piece of pizza-, and some MOE mints.

From what I’ve heard some of the packages can be pretty neat.

Have fun if you do you teams Chairman’s Award !!!

:slight_smile: -Ducky- aka- “the Uppet chick”

I get what you’re saying…it’s just kinda confusing to get suddenly told you get to do this sort of thing. Designing our site was one thing. The Chairman’s Award…crazy…I’m still kind of in the “ack!” stages of realizing what all this will entail. I’m sure we’ll get it all figured out. I have a feeling we’ll just wind up doing a photo scrapbook type thing.