Chairman's Award

Our (rookie) team received the NASA grant, part of the requirements are that we submit the Chairman’s award, which we did. Unfortunately, we missed the part where we had to send a copy to NASA. When the students filled it out they used the FIRST site to save their progress instead of using Word, which we now realize is a mistake.

FIRST is telling us that NASA changed their requirements for Rookie teams, but NASA still says they need a copy of the submission, which we can no longer access, and FIRST says they can’t get.

Does anyone have the categories saved in a Word document that you could e-mail me? This way my students can fill it out again and submit it to NASA.

Sent. Let me know if you received it and if it will work.

By categories do you mean the executive summary questions? Those are on the FIRST website here:

It would help if I put the correct e-mail address:

Can you please send it again? Thank you