Chairman's Award

Posted by wehba at 2/7/2001 7:39 PM EST

Student on team #513, Renegade Robotics, from Thomas Jefferson Middle School and nasa.

Can the Chairmans Award be e-mailed? If so what address?

Posted by Hymnson at 2/7/2001 7:52 PM EST

Student on team #419, The Rambots, from Boston College High School and UMass Boston and Modern Assistance Programs, Inc…

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Posted by wehba on 2/7/2001 7:39 PM EST:

: Can the Chairmans Award be e-mailed? If so what address?

I don’t think that you’re allowed to e-mail submissions or else I would have done that already, lol Well in the the Chairman’s Award requirements, it says that it may “take form as a scrapbook, video, photos, essays, cippings, and documents.” But it doesn’t say that you CAN’T either, hehe Well if you are able to email a submission, let me know!!

Posted by Joe Johnson at 2/7/2001 9:23 PM EST

Engineer on team #47, Chief Delphi, from Pontiac Central High School and Delphi Automotive Systems.

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Posted by Hymnson on 2/7/2001 7:52 PM EST:

It is my understanding that you have to submit a
physical submission and that that physical thing must
fit inside a box of dim X by Y by Z (12" by 12" by 4 if
memory serves).

Anyway, I am sure that FIRST is not going to be
printing out 500 Chairman’s Award submissions for their
judges to reveiw.

Joe J.