Chairman's Award

I’m not quite sure how to start it off. I’m a newbie on my robotics team. Any suggestions/helpful hints?

Please and Thank You,
Caity :]

Welcome to Chief Delphi.

As a friendly reminder, the 2010 FRC season is approaching rapidly. Please use the serach tool before posting to make sure your question isn’t found elsewhere.

I searched the key phrase “Chairman” and I found these threads that should answer your question.

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There is also an entire forum full of threads dedicated to the Chairman’s Award on this forum. It can be found here. That should give you a whole bunch of reading material, and pretty much everything that’s available on CD about it. Good luck!

If you look here you can find all the white papers people have posted containing their teams Chairmans award entries from over the years.

Hope that helps and good luck submitting Chairmans.

thanks !