Chairman's Awards

Hello, I want to know if the chairman’s video has to be submitted with the chairman’s text in february 9th.

There was another thread on this, here you go

The video is submitted to the judges at the competition itself.

“Teams submitting for the Chairman’s Award must provide a Video to the judges at the start of their Chairman’s Award interview.” and “May be presented to Judges as a DVD or on a USB Flash Drive”

in what format we have to hand over to the judges??

Have you tried looking on the [i]FIRST website?

If you are submitting for the first time, it could be a little confusing.

The Youtube field is optional on the STIMS submission. Even if you put the YouTube link here, you still must provide a hard copy at your event.

If you win at your event, FIRST will publish the YouTube link you submitted. If you never submitted a link, you will be contacted by FIRST HQ to provide them with the link.

If you are not done with the video by the deadline, no stress. Just be sure you can get it in the correct format (as Ryan linked to) prior to your event.