Chairmans Chat - All Star Panel - Thursday 3:00PM

Teams/Team Members attending the FIRST Championship:

Come on out to the 2013 Chairman’s Chat session of the FIRST Robotics Conference in St Louis.

Time: Thursday, 3:00-4:45pm
Location: Room 230 Americas Center

An all star panel of representative from FIRST Hall of Fame teams (including 1114, 341, 236, 365, 111, 67, 175, 103, 16, 151) will share experiences and answer questions about the Chairman’s Award.

Also, we will address the recent *“Why Submit for the Chairman’s Award, if We’re Not Gonna Win?” *CD thread, with guest Carolyn Beyer, Team 3176.

Anyone can submit questions to the panel. Please submit questions through this thread. We will respond to questions, time permitting, during the session.

Interspersed throughout the session will be CHAIRMANS AWARD/HALL OF FAME TRIVIA. Hall of Fame team buttons will be the prizes.

I hope your team can be represented at this session. Come early! Thanks to the Air National Guard, the FIRST Robotics Conference is free to attendees this year. Take advantage of this opportunity!

See you later this week. Safe travels to St Louis!

We will see you guys there! We always try to send at least some of our team members and they definitely learn a lot. (I remember I came back one year with 3 pages of notes)

Thanks for sharing your knowledge!


Great to have you join us! Make sure your team members come up to say " hello" before or after the session. I would love to meet you all.

Safe travels!


I’m definitely coming to this. I’m working towards my team winning an RCA next year and this will be a huge help.


Chairman’s Chat starts at 3:00pm on Thursday in Room 230 - Americas Center. Come by with all your Chairman’s Award questions!

If you cannot make it to St Louis, feel free to submit questions on this thread. We will try to find time to address them.