Chairman's Chats & Feedback

Hey teams!!!

Team 2486, “The CocoNuts”, are going to be doing the Chairman’s Chats again this year! Similar to The Chairman’s Exchange and Jacob Bendickson’s Feedback session, we will have calls with anyone who is interested in getting feedback, brainstorming, asking questions, etc. Even if you aren’t applying for the Chairman’s Award this year, but still are interested, you can have a Chairman’s Chat!

If you are interested, rather than having slots or a specific day, please email us at [email protected] AND [email protected] (please, please, please do both!) and we can schedule a day and time with your team. We’ll be doing Chats until the week of World Championships, so feel free to email us at any point this season!


Non-Tech Coordinator
Team 2486 “The CocoNuts”