Chairman's Executive Summaries

Each year, the Chairman’s Award submission includes four or five executive summaries you can submit (similar to the Entrepreneurship Executive Summaries). Because of the issues with STIMS this year, we’re having a lot of problems finding these summary prompts this year. If anyone has access to these, I (and my team) would greatly appreciate it if the prompts are posted as a reply in this thread.
Thank you!

What do you mean by executive summaries? The Chairman’s Award consists of questions, answered with 500 characters, and the essay, answered with 10,000 characters. The awards for the next season aren’t typically posted on the dashboard until late November.

FIRST does post the submissions of the winning teams on this page. It will probably have what you’re looking for:

I believe the executive summaries are those series of questions submitted along with the essay.

Here’s one way to find it: they’re included in the published essays from this year’s winners. Here’s 3132.

And 2614.