Chairman's Feedback Forms?

I was wondering if anyone had a copy/file of an Official blank feedback form for Chairman’s Judging?

This past weekend my team, as well as many other teams, did not receive feedback forms following the Chairman’s Judging day at the Midwest Regional and were told that we were to bring the form to judging after the fact by Pit Admin.

When looking for the Video Consent and Release form before the competition, I was looking through the website through every awards page on the website, and the feedback form was not available (at least to the general public).

We would be very appreciative to have this form for our next competition!

Thank you in advance

It’s linked from the Chairman’s description here (Last bullet under Interview Process):


Thank you! I seriously couldn’t find it while looking through the website!

It’s tricky to locate, but you can find the link to the form in the last bullet point of the Interview Process subsection of the Chairman’s Award submission and presentation guidelines page (about 1/3 of the way down the page).

I’ve also attached the PDF for you here in case anyone has trouble finding it in the page.ChairmansAwardFeedbackForm.pdf (159.4 KB)

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