Chairmans help

I was wondering how most teams communicate effectively all the work they’ve done in the offseason and what are the different components of a successful chairmans entry? We’ve helped start several teams over the past few years, ran close to 20 different presentations, and actively contribute to charity. Are we on the right track to having a successful chairman’s entry, or are we heading in the wrong direction? Our chairman’s subgroup consists of mostly 1st year members, so we’re just looking for some input.


Alex Burman

You’re doing great it seems! I wouldn’t worry. It just matters on content and what makes you a great rolemodel for rookie teams. You seem to be doing really well. I’d recommend having a veteran from your team help the rookies, since they weren’t around for any past things you all have done. Get some input from veterans on things you’ve done, and ask for tips from them. Good luck to you!

I think you’re on a great direction. The season if you could call it that last 6 weeks. That’s 6 out of the 52 weeks that your team can contribute. You should defintly stress your accomplishments throughout the year.

Try to find a theme that will incorporate your achievements and connect them to your team. For example, if your team was the “DDRtists” and you hosted a marathon to keep kids fit, you could connect it with your team theme and stuff. I need to stop thinking about Dance Dance Revolution…

Try to brainstorm and write out all the stuff you wanna cover. Then, as you get started the ideas will come to you. My idea came to me when I got my sandwich from Jimmy John’s delivered mid meeting. No, ;), our CA isn’t about that sandwich store. It deserves it though, awesome food.

Good luck!

I agree with the previous posts. I would add that if you have any statistics to highlight your points to include them. Also, part of the award is that your contributions are measurable in some way so be sure to do so whenever you can.

Also remember that is a sustained effort is what the judges are looking for, so anything that your team has been doing even if the event or idea started small and is now gotten larger that is a sustained effort. also find a person who can communicate very clearly for the presentation. although a good submission should be able to stand on its own, it wont get anywhere if the person presenting it doesn’t sound like they are behind it 100%.

The content sounds perfect, but make sure you have effective ways of communicating the content:

-information in pit area, pit displays, posters, pictures, & visuals
-train students who are in the pit area how to interview with judges
(ex: let them know its OK not to know an answer and to direct the judge to the qualified interviewee)
-train the students who do the formal chairman’s interviews
-make sure the WHOLE team is recognizable and has team spirit
-do things at the regional that are chairman’s noteworthy (ex: help out a team)

That might help :slight_smile:

How you communicate your information this year will be slightly different than in years past because of the process that is now in place. Still I’d search the older archives in this Chairman’s forums:
and be sure you answer the main six questions asked, which are:

  1. How strongly does the submission document the impact FIRST has on the learning experience of the students, school curriculum, engineers, and/or community?
  2. Has the team explained/demonstrated why/how it should be a role model for other FIRST teams to emulate?
  3. How well has the team communicated its excitement and impact within the entire school, community, and beyond (state/nation) through participation in FIRST?
  4. Has the team documented an innovative way to spread the FIRST message?
  5. How strong of a year-round team partnership effort is reflected? (You can define partnership in many ways, including: the partnership among the team’s students/corporate sponsor/engineers; school/university sponsor/engineers; students/adults; community/team)
  6. As a whole, does the content of the documentation exemplify the true meaning of FIRST?
    Your Chairman’s Award submission should include documentation for all the above factors.

Wow, thank you all for your help. You have really helped me and am taking all your advice to heart.

Thanks again and hope to see you all at Nationals!


Alex Burman