Chairman's list

Is there anyone out there who has a list of Chairman’s award winners (overall, not just national winners) and also a list of anyone who has one the Engineering Inspiration award? I know it’s a stupid question but my internet has been horrible, the FIRST website is giving me trouble, and I searched and searched here because i know someone must have it, but my results turned up negative. If anyone has those lists it would be much appreciated. Thanks a lot.

You can find this when you go to the FIRST website and go to the bottom of the sidebar, where it says ‘site map’. I don’t, however, know where you can find the Engineering Inspiration winners.

From here
you can obtain info from 2002, 2003, 2004 - You’ll have to look at the regional/cmp results one at a time. That’s are far back as you can find any award info on the FIRST website.

There’s this attached list covering 1998-2002 done by Aaron M. Vernon. The original post has more information

Unless you’re willing to go through the 1500 pre-2005 team pages one-by-one.:rolleyes:
**FIRST Robotics Team Information **

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Team Name: DaimlerChrysler & Oakland Schools Technical Campus-Northeast

Location: Pontiac, MI USA

Team ID Number: 1

Team Motto: Real winners are ordinary people with extraordinary determination.

Robot Name: Juggy

Rookie Year: 1997

How Many Students Participate?:

Awards Won:
2004 DT Engineering Inspiration Award
2003 GL DaimlerChrysler Team Spirit
2002 GL Regional Chairman’s Award
2001 MI2 Regional Champion
2001 NAT Chairman’s Award Finalist
2000 MI Xerox Creativity Award
2000 MI Best Offensive Round
2000 MI Finalist
2000 N1 Chairman’s Award Finalist
2000 N1 Drexel University Scholarship
2000 IL Most Photogenic Award
2000 IL Best Offensive Round
1999 N1 National Championship
1999 IL Xerox Creativity Award
1998 MI Motorola Quality Award
1998 N1 Best Play of the Day Award

Is this team willing to Mentor: Yes

Would this team like to be Mentored: No

Team Website

Thank you very much. I should be able to do something with all of that information. You guys rock!