Chairman's power rating

I have been reading about the chairman’s prediction, and some people talked about the Chairman’s power rating, could someone tell me how to get it?

Ryan S from 1902 usually posts predictions for each week. Here is a list of the chairman’s power rating prior to last years events.

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It’s just a rating that a couple people will do in order to make predictions. It isn’t an official or particularly reliable method. People like Ryan S or Caleb Sykes will make their own rankings with varying amounts of accuracy.

The Chairman’s Power Rating (CPR) specifically is the name of the metrics I generate yearly to try to indicate which team(s) are more likely to win Chairman’s or EI at a given event. It’s not official or anything, just something I work on and tweak each year to try and make it helpful to teams. I described how the 2018 version worked here if you want to learn more about it or try to replicate the script. I’m putting some finishing tweaks on the 2019 version now and should be posting them on here on CD pretty soon. :slight_smile:


My 2018 Chairman’s predictions were here and in my event simulator, you can view those against the 2018 actual results to see how accurate they were.

Might or might not have something up for this year soon, but definitely will include them in my 2019 event simulator.

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