Chairman's Presentation Team photos

Our team is putting together a presentation on the Chairman’s award. We are searching for photos of Chairman’s presentation teams to show how different teams dress. If you have a photo of your team, can you please post a link or attach a photo for us? Thanks!

We didn’t take a picture of the team beforehand, but here we are after we won.
(I’m the crazed freshman on the left.)

If you can’t tell from the picture, we just dress how we normally do for a competition (team shirts are pretty much the only requirement).

Most teams Including mine get dressed up for their chairmans presentation to the judges.

On the day of judging, the presenters are rather easy to spot in any crowd.

A picture of our presenters after they presented at the Championships last year can be found here.

I don’t have a picture of the entire chairmans team off hand from this past season. Howeverin this picture, the student in the blue fedora (me) is wearing the outfit all 3 presents were this past season. (Blue fedora not included.)

The polo shirts with khakis I think work well, they show off your branding and theme that typical team gear would show, as well as maintaining a higher sense of professionalism.

2013 Chairman’s presenters from team 1625 Winnovation



I was on the Chairman’s Team last year. My fellow presenters and I did dress up for the presentation but unfortunately I don’t think we have any good photos of us together besides the awkward photo I attached below.

Even though we dressed up, we did still try to incorporate our team colors in our outfits somewhere to show brand recognition. For example, our team colors are red and orange so I wore an orange dress with red earrings, another presenter wore an suit with a red undershirt, and the last presenter wore an orange blazer (which she isn’t wearing in the picture).

Good Luck!

Our Chairman’s presentation team usually does a skit that has a particular theme. The theme this year was a cooking show. This is the presentation team and their props (not including our mascot Wilbur who waited outside the room for support.)

Our presenters wear the team uniform - polo shirts and khakis.

Here’s last year’s exit from Palmetto -

Our team also wore the team shirt with black shorts or pants. The year we won (probably a coincidence) one member wore her prom dress which was in team colors.

The only pic I have is this practice session - the one presenter did not wear his pit tool during the interview.

When we won we also just wore our team T-shirts and jeans. I’ll see if I can find a picture somewhere.

At the time I was a bit makeup challenged so a mentor did my hair and makeup so we would look nice when we presented. It helps to be well groomed before you present.