Chairman's Presentation Teams for 2012 CHP

Here is the final updated list for all 2012 CHP Chairman’s Teams that one of our students has compiled. This includes the FiM and MAR teams from this weekend.

Please advise if you see any errors.

There are 4 tabs. The first tab has all of the teams that have qualified.

There are 57 teams scheduled to present.

Chairman’s Award winning teams for 2012 CHP.xlsx (29.6 KB)

Chairman’s Award winning teams for 2012 CHP.xlsx (29.6 KB)

Anyone have any favorites? Besides your own of course :wink: I really am not familiar with any of the other teams besides the Michigan Teams due to the district system but it seems like there is a lot of power behind some of these teams.

340 and 1114 are both very deserving. It’s a pity there can only be one winner.

I was talking with someone else about this the other day, and I have a list.

I think the forerunners are (in numerical order) 27, 234, 503, 1114, and 1311.

Again, these are the teams I think are near the top from what I know.

433 could surprise a lot of people. They run an exceptional program that’s going to be a HoF team sooner or later.

Not me…there are on my top 5 list for sure.

I’m not sure which is more impressive…

…teams like 1108 who have won 7 chairman’s awards at 6 different regional locations…

…or teams like 340 who have won 7 chairman’s awards in the same location.

Winning in 6 different locations might mean that your program stacks up well against a much broader set of competitors.

Winning in the same place 7 times would seem to require such a profound impact in an area, (including a way to make that message fresh each year) that the same set of judges are compelled to not spread the honor of this award around to another team.

Team 79 Krunch is gaining strength toward being Florida’s first HoF team and for good reason too.

234 is also looking like a very strong competitor with 7 wins RCA’s at a variety of venues and a CMP entrepreneurship award under their belts. But teams like 1114 and 340 are going to put up a strong fight… and hey that 1 team out of the ATX might put up a little fight.

Personally, I’m pulling for 503. They do so much for FIRST and really deserve it. Although I am a little biased as I have several friends from that team :wink:

On a different side of the spectrum, does anyone have any stats on second year Chairman’s teams? I see there are three this year, is this an average number? Have any of the top contenders this year come from a second year win?

Side note, here’s my personal shout out to 3630 and 3847. I know first hand how much time and effort was put into 3456’s Chairman’s effort, so congrats to you guys for achieving the same level of success!

I’m always going to have a biased response since I know the teams in my area the best, but team 604 is going to be a solid competitor with 5 regional chairmans wins in northern California. They have a huge impact on the community, and I know they’re always around to lend a helping hand.

Best of luck to 604 and the rest of the competitors as well. I’m sure that any team that wins will be more than qualified.

Was the spectrum pun intended? :slight_smile:

Thank you, our students put in a tremendous effort this year. I can only imagine the same is true for 3456 and 3630, congratulations.

1108 was a second year Chairman’s winner back in 2004 at Lone Star and they should be on a lot of people’s short list for the HoF this year. 2004 was my sophomore year of High School and I was at Lone Star when they won it. 1108 needs to come back to Lone Star one of these days.

This thread has some info on second year chairman’s teams. They aren’t that common. I haven’t counted all of them but I’m pretty sure there are less than 20 in modern FIRST History (2000-now)