Chairman's Presentation: What to bring?

In the past, when Chairman’s judging was full in person, teams would bring up to 3 binders or booklets into the presentation with them. Though many events have online chairman’s judging, does anyone know if we can still leave these binders with the judges when presenting in person?

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This “three binders” rule you speak of is new to me. I’ve never heard of a restriction on materials brought into the judging room. You could show a video, act out a play, or set something on fire as long as it complies with the event/safety rules, and fits within the allotted time.

Full details for the submission here: Submitted Awards | FIRST

If you’re concerned, though, contact

As an aside, I recommend only bringing in aids for which you have enough time to walk the judges through. For example, if you have a binder of pictures that correspond to the items you talk about in the presentation, that’s great. If you have data to point to for your items, just show and mention that the data is there, and you can leave it behind if the judges want to look. But if you leave behind items you don’t discuss in your presentation or essay–or items you don’t go over in your presentation–judges are unlikely to appreciate the contents nearly as much.

Thank you for this clarification. To my knowledge the three binder limit was what we used to be able to leave behind after the interview (though I may be wrong on this). Usually, I remember our team would leave behind binders that we used to organize initiatives or had materials we made, etc. But I think its safe to assume that with COVID protocols this is no longer allowed.

I suppose I’m just not sure what’s leading you to this conclusion. What specific policy did you see change that leads you to think this way?

The chairman’s award explanation used to have something that said teams could leave up to three binders/ books of information with the judges for them to look at after they leave judging, and now it no longer says anything regarding this. I’ll try to find the old policy

Please bring anything you feel will help you. The documents can help clarify something that you mentioned during the presentation.
The award is judged on the submission and on the presentation. Don’t rely on the judges digging into the binders to make their decision.

Is the Chairman’s Documentation form still suggested for this season? It’s like an evidence binder. How about if the interviews are going to be online and not in person?

I’m still having our team bring documentation. The reason I ask is we used to have binders that we would bring, and though its not a huge deal, its at least something to leave the judges with. Our first district interviews are in person which is why I ask

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