Chairmans presentation

Hi, Our chairmans presentation is coming very soon in dallas and we are freaking out!!! FIRST time ever!
Our plan right now is to show the judges our video and go over a few major points of our essay before time runs out for the 5 minute questioning. While we will be talking on the computer we will showing a silent video of a couple interviews our team has gotten. When we walk in we have a folder that has proof of everything we say in essay/summery/video. We have opted out for 2 presenter and a coach in the room who will be recording for future uses.

Now Since this our first time I am extremely open to any suggestion also what kind of question do the judges ask?

I recommend you make a formal presentation that allows your presenters to state items of your team history that you feel make you a Chairman’s candidate. Your presentation should hit the highlights of items that are already part of your written and video documentation. Presenters need to be well rehearsed (read that as practice, practice, practice) so that they will not stumble when flustered. Let your full team listen to the presentation several times, make adjustments and ask questions so that your presenters have practice thinking on their feet. Above all, your presenters should speak clearly and smile.

I will second Al’s recommendations. It is fine to have a presentation in Prezi, Video or Power Point format, but it should be a supplement to your presenters speaking to the judges. And have them practice. If you can, get some people not on your team to act as the audience. They will be more likely to ask questions when something isn’t clear, because they don’t know your team. Be prepared to answer questions. And that means knowing the numbers and the team’s history. Here is a link to one of our practice presentation sessions for last year. They practice it and tweak it to get it down to five minutes and so that everyone is comfortable. (This year, for example, the set up of the interview room did not lend itself to using the laptop with the Prezi presentation, so our students had to go without it and just give the presentation on their own.)

If at all possible, you should try to avoid showing the video during the presentation. They’ll see it anyway, and you can make a far greater impact by talking to them in person, rather than through the video.

Other than that, I’d just repeat what Al and Greg said. Practice, practice, practice the presentation, but also practice answering questions that the judges are likely to ask you.

Good luck!

I just wanted to add, you might also want to elaborate on specifics of outreach or your team that you didn’t get to elaborate on as much as you would have liked. Either adding more details, explaining a rationale or back story, or talk about any outreach or events that you’ve done recently that weren’t in your essay. It really is extremely important to plan your presentation and make it creative. Practice is key!

Just my 2 cents :slight_smile:

It was a pleasure meeting you at Dallas !

Hope everything went well with your 1st Chairman’s presentation

It was alright. We didnt do so hot in the interview but we do now know how to improve ourselves? Now we do have a question. If we give the judges a folder with supporting documentation and more information about our team, like history. Do they take this information in and add that in accordance to what we have sent them?

When WildStang presented back in the day we had a 1/2" binder of supporting documents that went along with our presentation (think newspaper articles, WFA nominations, photos, a copy of the slideshow etc.) and while we were being interviewed the judges flipped through said information. Teams will (usually) receive these documents back at the regional level.

Also everything Al said is pretty darn spot on. Know your team in and out, once you do answering questions will just become second nature and the interview will flow really well.