Chairman's Showcase at Kettering University - Virtual Competition

Chairman’s Showcase

March 27-28, 2021 - Virtual Interviews held from 1-5 PM

Register by March 15, 2021
Submit essay and video by March 19, 2021

FIRST FRC teams will be challenged to submit a former or newly created Chairman’s essay and video, and provide a live virtual presentation to Kettering judges.

This virtual competition gives FRC teams the opportunity to showcase their Chairman’s presentation to Kettering University representatives. Teams will submit their large essay and video in advance. They will then be scheduled to meet with judges virtually to do their presentation and be interviewed.

There are three competitive levels:
Rookie - 3yr
4-9 yr
10+ yr

Awards will be given for the following categories:

  • Written Communication Excellence Award (Essay)
  • Inspirational Visuals Award (Video)
  • Creativity Award (Presentation)
  • Data Driven Award (Presentation)
  • Interview Rock Stars Award (Interviews)
  • Go Pro Award (best overall Chairman’s submission, video, presentation and interview)

Chairman’s Showcase Details


There is no requirement for teams to create a video as part of their official Chairman’s Award Submission in 2021.


Correct! This is why we are allowing teams to use essays and videos from previous years or create something new. Additionally, a team could choose not to submit a video. The awards are specific to various aspects of the Chairman’s award process as a way to provide teams a virtual competition opportunity.

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This is awesome! I particularly like that you’ve included the video specific awards! So many teams have put so much work into creating fantastic videos, but so few get to see those efforts pay off at competition.

I noticed in the submission details the judging for the essay related awards seems to be only on the essay of up to 10,000 characters, and no executive summary. Is that correct?

I also love that you will be allowing multiple teams from the same FRC team to compete. That makes this an awesome training opportunity

I will definitely be encouraging our students to compete!