Chairman's Submission - FRC 1311 - Kell Robotics

You can download the 2011 Kell Robotics Chairman’s Submission here:

I love the poster! It sums up your program in a simple and well organized manner while retaining the significant details of each category.

Thanks, I’ll pass the comments to the team.

You will notice there is a box for each of the “FIRST Core Values” plus other boxes.

It is a good exercise for a team to draw the chart on the board and ask themselves - " What have we done to fulfill this core value ? "

Also, a common mistake is to interpret ‘ARMS’ as something “outside” of FIRST but it isn’t. It is merely a communications device that allows us to communicate the value of FIRST to the public audience by demonstrating how students can apply their FIRST earned KSAs.

The speech for the Chairman’s presentation is now posted.