chairman's @ svr

Who else is submitting their chairman’s award submission to the Silicon Valley Regional?

Team 254 is. We look forward to hearing what you have done to spread the message of FIRST.

Maybe it’s the fault of text not adequately conveying the intended tone or emotion of your words, but I think that what’s inside those parentheses is a little rude. It’s okay to ask who else is submitting, and it’s okay to wish others luck, but for a team applying for the Chairman’s Award to say that they hope they win because they’ve put time into their submission is a little off base. Everyone who writes a submission puts a lot of time and effort into it, and all but one entry doesn’t win the award. It’s hard work, and it’s usually a thankless job for those who slave over their entries. For a lot of deserving teams they end up with just their entry for documentation’s sake.

The following isn’t intended to be directed towards you, Matt or towards your team (it just happens that my reply triggered this train of thought), but at everyone who reads these forums and has aspirations for some sort of Sportsmanship Award or Chairman’s Award. This is just something that has irked me from time to time… Chairman’s Award judges and other judges may not read these forums, but almost half the teams in FIRST do. Those of us who read these forums inside and out can identify the teams who win the awards because they display a hollow shell of empathy, assistance, and sportsmanship and we can identify the teams who are actually helpful and outwardly compassionate towards all other teams because they want to improve the quality of as many teams as possible. In fact, many times the more deserving teams aren’t rewarded with awards because they feel as though their acts of generosity and sportsmanship are not above the call of duty, but they are just necessary deeds. These teams are rewarded with experiences that are worth thousands of times more than awards. In my opinion awards like the Chairman’s Award shouldn’t be thought of as awards that you “compete” for. The awards should be secondary to the pleasure your team gets by doing the FIRST community, and your own community a needed service that (hopefully) changes people’s lives for the better.

Sorry Bill. That was not my intent at all. I too am one of the people who says doing the service, helping out, etc. is what matters not winning the award itself. I’ve been exhausted working on the submission (working about 12 hours a day on it for the last week. I realize that the presentation/submission is not why teams should (or do) win. Last year, we had a horrible submission (a plain word document with only text) and our video did not work when we tried to play it. I also did not mean that we are going to necessarily “compete” with other teams for the award. I should have said that I look forward to seeing what other teams have done to spread the message of FIRST. Please forgive my quick words.