Chairman's teams: Which teams have you started?

I am working on a research project involving FIRST related programs and was wondering if the community could help me out.

For any team that submits chairman’s, which teams have you “started”? This basically means any FRC/FTC teams you have included on your chairman’s submission form/documentation as started and/or any team that meets the offical FIRST requirements for you “starting a team” which can be found on their website (at least I think so).

Edit: people want me to include Vex teams too, so if you started some of those, feel free to include them.

If you can put the team numbers in list form, that would be great, and if you aren’t open to posting this on a public thread, feel free to dm me. The data will be public at the end, once I feel like I have gotten an adequate number of responses.

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Not helpful in fast acquisition but I believe every chairman’s paper is publicly published now so you could manually find your own answers. Depending on how papers are published (and your skills), you could significantly reduce the load with some regex text searching.


Essay’s going back to 2016 can be found here.

Interestingly, the 2020 link goes to 2018 instead. These links also exclude district event winners.

Good idea, I’ll see what I can find there! The main problem is that those documentations may only include number of teams created not specific numbers which I would need for the project.

I would be suspect of a team that says they started X teams and doesn’t give specifics anyways.

The official FIRST awards page has a list of all the chairman’s winners with access to their essays. If you want to chat about the teams we started and talk about how we did it for some context quotes for your projects, PM anytime!

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Do teams submit any other information besides what is public on the website? I’m reading through some of these, and all I really see is amounts no real team number unless it was 1-2 teams.

Yeah, I wish it included district chairman’s award winning essays and exec summaries. I’ve been hoping for this for a few years.


You should probably be suspect even then… But I have a hunch you’ll be suspect in a lot of cases.

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FRC 4607 has started numerous teams in FIRST. We have mentored many more - and I can send you all of these in a spreadsheet if you wish. The spreadsheet includes the team number, the team name, years active, awards won (including Alliance Captain, selection, etc), contacts, HAC, and of course how we mentored them. Let me know if you want this info.

As for FRC teams that 4607 has started, here they are:


We have documentation for all teams. Not included are teams that we have mentored. These ‘mentored’ teams are included in our spreadsheet along with all pertinent information.

Let me know if you need more information - Good Luck!


That is a very impressive list, props to 4607. Thank you for sharing!

1382 founded 6404
6404 founded 7459 and 8066

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1197 has founded FRC 5124 and FTC 4512, as well as a slew of FLL teams at our local middle school.


Over 11 years we have assisted the teams in our area with their teams through registration, grant writing, mentor recruitment, direct cash contributions, and resource sharing:

4290 - Bots on Wheels
4935 - T-Rex
6639 - Mechanical Minds
6888- BC Breakouts
6894- Iced Java
7815 - Cavbots
8030 - East Lincoln Iron Stangs
8315 - Spartan Robotics

We have started 15+ FTC teams and host 5 in the same building we live in with 4290.

Honestly the best thing older teams can do is share the love and try to start a team nearby. These teams will become your best competitors and friends and you can grow as a group!

Then some amazing stuff happens!

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Speaking for another team here, but (3x RCA winner) 1266 started 2102.

Are you looking exclusively for teams started by RCA/DCA winners?

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They don’t have to win, just submit for the RCA/DCA.

Then 2102 helped start 3128 back in the day, and has claimed some amount of credit for starting 3647 and 5514. I wasn’t around at the time and don’t know how much involvement we really had in that process.

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