Chairmans video 2016 - Team Rebrandts #4481

This will be the first season we’re participating for the Chairmans Award!

After putting a lot of effort in writing the executive notes and the essay, we did our best to make the Chairmans video for this season. The video will show you in a nutshell what we did in only a few years.

We hope you like it and wish the other teams the best of luck during the regionals! See you at New York City & New York Tech Valley!

Safe travels Ron. Best of luck both on and off the field this weekend!

They might as well go ahead and give you the award right now!

I just cancelled our chairmans award submission…

Kidding or not?

Anyway, seriously fantastic job both with that beautiful video, and the amount of amazing stuff you have done as a Team. Not only did that look like the coolest FTC competition ever but, you also have touched a lot of young lives.

I will see all of you Friday. Hope you have a safe trip over. For the last time if you manage to somehow forget something or, another thing of that nature please contact me. I don’t speak Dutch but, I do speak New Yorker.


Ron, 4481 continually manages to leave me with my jaw hanging and this video is no exception. I have no doubt that the Rembrandts will be a force on the field, and now off of the field too.