Chairman's Video Question

We are currently finishing our chairman’s video and while looking in the manual it says we have to post it to Youtube, use Windows Media or Quicktime media format, as well as give in a flashdrive.
The question was whether or not we can export as a h.264 (which is mpeg4 format) as it plays in Quicktime and Windows Media Player. Also what happens if you didn’t submit it to Youtube?

I would render it as a wmf h.264 (standard settings) and post it on YouTube as the instructions say. I’m finishing up the chairman’s this weekend and thats what I plan on doing. Right now I have some b-roll to shoot.

when i try to do h.264 it says mp4 format

MP4 is the container. H.264 is the codec.

Teams submitting for the Chairman’s Award must provide a VIDEO to the judges at the start of their Chairman’s Award interview. The
content of the video should explain what the team has done to earn the Chairman’s Award. The video
may be shown to the judges during the team’s seven (7) minute presentation time or the team can choose to not show the video
during the presentation time. Even if the video is NOT shown during the interview, a VIDEO must still be provided to the Judges in
order for the team to be considered for the Chairman’s Award. In addition, the team must provide the equipment for viewing (i.e.
laptop/speakers etc.) the video. Teams who do not submit a VIDEO to the judges will not be considered eligible for the Chairman’s
Award and will not be interviewed by the judges.
This is applicable at all events including the FIRST Championship.
The VIDEO format should be as follows:
■ A 16:9 (“widescreen aspect ratio”)
■ Not more than 3 minutes long, no shorter than 1 minute long.
■ Include a clean audio track
■ Free of copyright restrictions, including music.
VIDEO may consist of:
■ Video footage
■ Voice over/music over still photographs
■ Animated presentation
■ PowerPoint converted to VIDEO format
■ If using copyrighted music must have written permission
■ If using Creative Commons Music (CCM) on line, the music must be used in
accordance with the appropriate license and properly attributed.
■ Music may not contain offensive or suggestive language
Content Guidelines
■ Please show us what you are doing to earn the Chairman’s Award
■ Please do not identify non-team minors by name or specific location. Use only first
names, no locations.
Other required information to be given to the judges
■ Permission for FIRST to use your video in marketing & promotional material and/or live
at FIRST events & competitions (CA Video Use Consent Form)
DVD Requirements
■ Ensure that your DVD is actually a DVD file, playable with a standard DVD player. If we cannot view your DVD, you may be
ineligible for the award.
■ DVD itself must be labeled with your team number and team name
■ DVD case or envelope must also be labeled with your team number and team name
■ A completed Chairman’s Award Video Consent Form (see above) must be folded and included in the DVD case or envelope.
USB Flash Drive Requirements
■ USB Flash Drive must contain only the Chairman’s Award video file
Video file must be in the QuickTime (.mov) or Windows Media (.wmv) file format compressed with the H.264/MPEG-4 codec
■ USB Flash Drive itself must be labeled with your team number, at a minimum. If you have room, please add your team name as
well. Consider using a label maker or a piece of tape and permanent marker. Ensure the label is secure and the team number is
easily read.
■ To reduce the chance of the USB Flash Drive being misplaced, the Drive must be placed in a clear, sealable plastic bag before it
is given to the Judges. Label the bag with team number and name. This label may be a piece of paper, printed with the required
information, inserted in the bag and oriented so it may be read without opening the bag
■ A completed Chairman’s Award Video Consent Form (see above) must be folded and included in the plastic bag.
Tips, Timelines & Tools
■ Guidelines and Tips video by Paul Lazarus of White Dwarf Productions

■** Enter in a link through YouTube for your official Chairman’s Video. **This link does not need to be entered by the February 19th
submission deadline. FIRST requests that the Team submit their video before the Team attends the first event at which it is eligible
to compete for the Chairman’s Award. Failure to submit this link will not preclude a Team from earning the Chairman’s Award.
(You will still be required to bring a copy to each event you are eligible at).

So that means we need to supply our own laptop to play the video from the flashdrive? In the past I know with submitting a DVD you didn’t have to bring a player.

No need to bring a laptop - just a flash drive or DVD with the consent form. The judges will have a laptop to watch it on.

Our video was horrible…our coach gave the task to a rookie member who had no drive and was unsupervised. The coach’s attitude was “just get it done, we won’t win the chairman’s, anyway”

Needless to say, there’s copyrighted music in the video, because no one paid any attention to what the student was doing.

Now the kids who do take seriously are going to be handing this to a panel of judges to watch.

My question - can they bring their own powerpoint and show it to the judges, and give the original (submitted) video to the judges to watch later?

Absolutely. While some teams do show the video during the presentation, most (in my experience) don’t do so, and in the Admin Manual, it instructs you to bring the video itself on a USB flash drive or DVD with the Chairman’s Video Consent Form.

So yes - you need to bring the video for the judges to watch later, and it’s usually a good idea to have a PowerPoint or something to show the judges while you talk.

thanks so much for your reply - just realized we didn’t even need to post the video until right before competition…sigh…so wish that this had been a bit better supervised!!! take care, see you soon!!! Go Flaming Chickens!

I’m in the process of recording b-roll and voice overs. This week end is editing weekend.

OK - we have a problem…we have copyright infringement on our video, which should’ve been caught but it wasn’t…(along with a list of other garbage that is wrong with it)

So what do we do? It was already posted via TIMS, but we need to take it off.

We are unable to edit it on youtube, though we have tried…

any ideas appreciated!

thanks in advance for your advice, Liz

I would edit the version you have, and submit it to the judges along with a note explaining the situation. Judges, despite rumors to the contrary, are reasonable people doing this because they want to, and they’re very understanding. PM me if you have any more questions - I’m happy to help.

Thanks for the help, yea were gonna spend this whole week redoing ours now. After finishing basically the whole thing minus a couple pictures we realized we could do better. We had everyone over exposed and whited out. Now we filmed in 4K instead of 1080p, Excessive yes but worth it.