Chairman's Video Submission

This year there is no spot to submit the video link when submitting the Chairman’s award. Do we only submit the video at competition; if not how are we supposed to submit the video?

You give your video to the judges on a flash drive or Cd and they will watch it (or as some people think never touch it).

The judges don’t actually watch your video, the judges assistant or another volunteer will watch it to make sure it meets the criteria and is appropriate if your team is one of the top Chairman’s teams at the regional.

As I understand it, you only submit the video via CD. We were going to submit it on a flash drive last year and were told that it had to be on a CD

Do you happen to know if DVD or BluRay was acceptable?

DVD or USB Flash Drive.

Please refer to the publicly available administrative manual (specifically section 6.4.8) to answer all of these questions posted in this thread.

I emailed a few weeks ago asking about this, here’s the response I got:

Hello Jacob,

Thank you for your email. We apologize for the delay in response. In regards to your inquiry, the box for the YouTube link will be made available after the award closes on February 4th, 2016 at 3:00 PM ET. Even if the team does enter a YouTube link, the team is still required to bring a hard copy of its video either on DVD or USB flash drive to give to the judges at the team’s presentation.

We hope this information helps.

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.


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Yeah, I haven’t noticed a change in the manual but the difference between DVD and CD caused us a lot of angst at post competitions. I think our judges got a bit mixed up because they wouldn’t accept DVDs, but would accept CDs.

So just to reiterate, we do not have to upload the video to the YouTube link tomorrow after the award close, correct? We just have to bring a copy to the competition.

Yes, you’re correct. It’s not a bad idea to upload the video to YouTube and put the link in STIMS, but you’re still eligible if you just bring the copy to your presentation.

I have never heard this before. Is this published somewhere for teams to know?

From 6.4.8 in the Admin Manual

Note: The Chairman’s Award is our highest honor and teams who receive the Chairman’s Award represent the highest standards of FIRST. When the Chairman’s judges have narrowed the selection to two or three teams, these contenders for the Chairman’s Award at all events will have their VIDEO viewed by the Judge Advisor for appropriate content and to ensure that the above guidelines have been met. Although the Chairman’s judges will not be judging your video as part of your submission, a VIDEO with inappropriate content will disqualify a team for the award.

It’s been featured in past manuals and this year is present in large, conspicuous red text under section 6.4.8 of the administration manual.

Thanks for the quote and clarification there. Just wanted to make sure I had not been informing my students otherrwise.

I was referring to an assistant or volunteer part.

Do you show the video to the judges at competition? When we submitted it in 2014, when we went to the competition, we showed it to them on our laptop and then followed that up with anything else we needed to say. Is this not what we should have done? Do teams show their video to the judges firsthand?

It is a choice for teams. Personally we have yet to decide for this year.

It is a personal decision. Some teams prefer to show the video and then add to it, others prefer to do entire presentations with similar info but separate from the video.

I personally always encourage the teams I work with to do a presentation instead of showing the video because I think it is really awkward to just stand there holding a screen for judges to watch. I feel like the information has more impact coming directly from the student presenters.

But, again, I state, it is a personal decision. There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way, both ways are accepted and within the rules. I am sure teams have done well with both.

Miss Daisy did this for their 2010 Championship Chairman’s Award winning presentation, so if it works for your team, go for it! You can check out Miss Daisy’s Chairman’s Presentation here:

I think the admin manual makes it clear that the judges don’t watch it, which leaves only the assistant or volunteers… in any case, I was told that a few years ago by a volunteer who was in charge of watching the videos for an event.

It is an option to show your video to the judges, though just keep in mind that it does take up 3 minutes of your presentation time.