Chairman's + Woodie Flowers

Hi guys!!!

Can we participate in the Woodie Flowers and in the Rookie All-Star???
(we’re rookies and we are going to send the documentation to the chairman’s awards)

We have many questions and we need your help!!!

Thank you,

#2026 Senai RS Team’ :smiley:

Most certainly! Both are definately options!

We have many questions and we need your help!!!

There are many people here who would love to help you with your questions.
If you think it would be helpful, put together a list of your questions and post them in your thread.

All the best,

Good, our team only have eleven components!
And all the at activites (programming, electrical, mechanics, CAD, animation, … everything) are made by this short group of people =P

thank you very much of the your contribution!

GOOD LUCK for everyone =D

#2026 Senai RS Team’ :smiley:

I just want to remind everyone that the submission for the Woodie Flowers award is due **Thursday, February 22nd.
Every mentor in this program deserves a woodie flowers submission, for even just taking the time to help out a FIRST team, and helping us to inspire and teach others. If it weren’t for our mentors, none of us students would be reading these forums today. What these mentors do for us is more important than building a robot. Our mentors give us opportunities and chances that most other teachers wouldn’t.

So take a step back, and think about submitting something for a Woodie Flowers award.

I know I’m not the best writer, but the important part is getting that special someone on my team recognized, and appreciating everything he did for me. I want to do the best I can to recognize someone special.

Good luck!

(and sorry if this post is a little off topic, but i didnt want to start a new thread)

Be sure to give the judges a copy of your Chairman’s Award entry in the pits.