Any tips for a team whos been around for a while but just starting to try for chairman’s? when do important dates come out?

If you’re looking for general tips for the award, then the compass alliance has some good resources ( You could also ask teams from around your area for help.

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I’d expect submission due dates for next season probably won’t show up until a little bit after this season is over (usually, submissions are due a couple of weeks before “stop build”). That said, it’s never really too soon to start gathering information and team history and thinking about your approach to the executive summary items, essay, presentation, and video.

^^^^^^^ THIS

Start your essays and gathering your information early. Make sure you have clear documentation of your efforts and impact to best support your claims.

My advice would be to start getting a solid grasp on all your submission materials by late November and have a first draft of your submission done the first week of January.

Iteration is key.

Good luck im rooting for yall! If you need anything else dont hesitate to PM me.

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