Challenge: Tube Throwing

I have read alot of talk lately about how throwing tubes out onto the field is a bad idea “cause it’s closer to your opponents.” This argument is valid, why would you help your opponents?

Therefore, I challenge everyone to find the best way to throw a tube across the field. Preferably all three shapes.

It’s as simple as that. Throw the tubes across the field (into your safe zone) then come back here and tell everyone how.

Thus far, I have found that I can throw a tube the farthest by facing backwards and two-handing it up over my head and over the wall virtically so it rolls/bounces. I think I could get the circle and square all the way there with practice and a bounce or two, and the triangle about 3/4s of the way there although I didn’t actually measure. Maybe tomarrow.

YOU got a better way to throw it? Tips, methods, and good practices are welcome to be shared.

Thanks, Bryan

Of course, there’s this thread.

This may be tough to visualize with only text to describe it, but bear with me.

The most consistent/best method for throwing in '07, as I recall, was to hold a tube above your head so it was parallel to the ground with one hand inside the tube and one outside, then using the hand inside the tube to push forward while the other served as a sort of pivot point, resulting in the tube being thrown forward with a good amount of spin.

That thread is really more about IF it is a good idea to throw tubes out onto the field. It is however, just discussion. This thread is basically either proving or disproving if throwing is a good stratigy basied on if someone finds a good way to throw a tube very far. If yes, then it is viable, if no, then it is basically not.

So rather then discussing weither or not throwing tubes is a good idea until the cows come home I figured it might help to be a little proactive. A little testing if you will.

If someone finds a good way to throw a tube then everyone benefits and 2011 becomes more competitive. If not, well, everyone knows what they probably shouldn’t be doing.:rolleyes:

Sincerely, Bryan

We inflated the tubes today (finally) and messed around with it for about 20 minutes. I’m only 5’5", which may make the tube-throwing method for me different, but I found that:

  1. Discus throwing sucks. A “boomerang” effect kicks in since you’re throwing at an angle (unless your shoulders are 6’ tall, in which case I’d easily be eclipsed by you :D) and the tube returns too fast. It didn’t “slice” the air as well as I’d thought due to the angled release.
  2. Pushing the tube works well. Just shove the tube in the horizontal orientation without putting much spin on it and it will kinda glide down.

3**) By far the best: a tall mentor of ours threw the tube over his head and it flew quite a ways. However, because I can’t actually get the tube over a 6’ barrier throwing it over my head forwards, I turned around (my back is now to the 6’ wall/field) to get a fuller swing, giving the tube more momentum. From what I can tell, it works because
-Your arms center the tube vertically; if you are swinging your arm at the same speed and release with both hands at the same time, there is virtually no angle to the vertical, so the tube goes in the trajectory determined by the orientation of your body without turning. Good aim, little risk of repeated out-of-bounds throws or tubes landing at opponents
-If you put spin on the tube, it’ll land in an orientation (vertical) that will roll as much as 10-20’ before coming to rest, depending on the tube. Good distance covered
-The arc formed by swinging your arm over your head can be determined by the release. If an opponent robot is in the way, you can throw over it. Good air time

Though arguably, you can’t see where you’re throwing, but with enough practice (and by turning your head around) you can determine where your tube is going. We were consistently hitting 20-30’ air distance outdoors (error from a windy day in Seattle?) and another 10’ on the ground.

I witnessed this firsthand (FIRST-hand) and was quite surprised at the distance achieved, consistently.

Think “Rick Barry foul shot”, only with his back to the basket.

Sorry, no video … our media team left early today because of upcoming semester finals. Will try to get some coverage and post it online.