Challenges Similar to Control Panel in Past Years

Has there ever been another challenge similar to the FRC 2020 control panel in past competitions?

In FRC? Not that I can think of.

FLL and FTC have had challenges that are somewhat similar.

In terms of “shoot x amount of balls and get a ranking point,” Steamworks in 2017 had an RP for scoring a certain number of fuel.

But talking about scoring that x number of game pieces and then having to activate something to receive the RP/extra points is something I can’t recall.

First thing I thought when I saw that was “Hey, that’d fit right in with FLL!”


SteamWorks also had “install a certain number of gears and then spin them to score.” It seems to be by far the most similar game element except that it was a human player doing the spinning.

Hopefully the rotation detection is significantly more reliable this year.

If FIRST manages to keep their sensors in check, scoring should be nice this year because it is mostly automated (except hangs/parks/auto line)

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