Chameleon Vision: Available for download

Chameleon Vision second beta is available for download for all teams for free.

Download Here

Support Hardware

ARM Co-processors

Currently only Raspberry Pi 3 or 4 models with at least 1GB of RAM are tested and supported.
Additional ARM-based single board computers (Odroid, Nvidia Jetson, etc.) will be supported in the near future.

x86 Computers

Currently any 64-Bit devices (Windows and Linux) are supported.
32 Bit devices are not supported.


Java 12

Follow the correct instructions for your platform from BellSoft


Deploying is as simple as uploading the chameleon-vision-1.xx.jar file to your target device.
Run the program with java -jar chameleon-vision-1.xx-BETA.jar


if you are new to this software take a look here

Are you planning on releasing the code?

the code is open source already in our gitlab a link is in our site

With the recent rush to buy limelights (and with many unable to do so). I wanted to pull this project back up to the top of the threads. It looks promising.


I’m going to run this by the vision code team. We are unlikely (at least) to pursue Limelights this year and have a fair number of RPi3’s around that would probably work great with this product. Thanks

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The download link appears to be broken

I used this just a few days ago.

wget -O
chmod +x
sudo ./

I was installing on a RPi