Chameleon vision status update

When I created Chameleon Vision, the goal was to bring a good vision system for free to the teams that could not afford or create their own, and that won’t change. It was never about credit or recognition. Because of that, the program will always stay free and open-source.

We intend on putting even greater emphasis on clearness and transparency: we already changed the license to GPL and are going to have open to all discord meetings and soon we’ll post a road map for chameleon vision 3.0.

If you have more suggestions feel free to contact me - We always want to hear your opinion and thoughts!

some of you might have already heard of the recent news about chameleon vision. After some disagreement with the dev team, we decided to part ways. I am thankful for their contribution and help to take this project forward, and wish them all the best.

So what does that mean for the project?

chameleon vision 3.0 is still under development at full power with a brand new architecture that would allow us to add incredible new features as:

  • Full gpio support for all types of devices
  • A complete undo-redo system in the UI
  • Live log output inside the UI
  • Complex analysis of re-projection errors while calibrating for 3d
  • Better handling of different cameras
  • Different ways to stream data other than NT
  • Support for more pipelines such as object tracking

And much more!.

Anyone who wishes to take part and help us develop the project even further would be greatly appreciated. You can contact we throu Chief Delphi or the Chameleon Vision discord Channel.


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