Chameleon wiring

Hello, I was just wondering how to set up chameleon on the technical side of things. I have looked up a couple of things regarding the setup of chameleon and the wiring setup. How does the Pi communicate with the roboRio? I saw a chiefDelphi thread that said something about a network switch, specifically the network switch that came in the kit of parts the TP-link. It has to get power somehow right? The adapter that came in the package came with an AC adapter with an output current of 5v and 0.6A. This leads me to believe that it can be powered using USB, or the vrm-- or can it get power over ethernet? If this network switch doesn’t work can you recommend one that will? We are a rookie team so anything really helps. Thank you so much!

-Team 8701

Chameleon Vision is no longer maintained to my knowledge–you should take a look at PhotonVision instead.

Regarding your other questions:

  • The Pi will use NetworkTables to communicate with the Rio over Ethernet
  • Yes, you can power the TP-link switch 5V using either the VRM or USB. Power over Ethernet is not an option

You should read through the documentation on both vision with WPILibPi and PhotonVision (linked above) for more information.

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