Champ Attendees

Just idling away the time until we leave tomorrow.
Here’s where the 344 teams going to Championship hail from this year.

# Home
35 MI
29 CA
20 NJ
20 NY
17 FL
13 CT
13 Canada
13 WI
11 TX
10 GA
10 MA
10 PA
10 VA
9 IN
9 NH
8 MD
8 MO
7 HI
7 IL
7 MN
7 OH
6 Israel
6 SC
5 CO
5 OR
4 AZ
4 ID
4 OK
4 UT
3 NC
3 RI
3 WA
2 DC
2 IA
2 KS
2 LA
2 Mexico
2 MS
2 TN
2 WV
1 AL
1 AR
1 DE
1 ME
1 MT
1 ND
1 Australia
1 Brazil

Why no Europeans?
FRC not hot in Europe?

Wow, 6 from Israel – almost as many as from MD.

Thanks for the breakdown.

Nope. The closest you can get is the UK.


Good to see teams from even out of the country going! Even cooler to see 35 Michigan teams going!

…and the Netherlands and Germany.

But none of them seem to be coming to Atlanta this year.

We have software engineering offices in Stockholm.
Some of Sweden’s brightest computer geeks work there.
I’ve posted pictures and videos on our internal forums.
So far, no signs of interest coming back from them. :confused:

I would have been really surprised if there were NO teams in Germany.

The UK will be disappointed to hear that they are not in Europe :rolleyes:

There are a number of good FLL teams in Europe, especially in UK, Germany, Netherlands, Scandanavia. The cost of travelling to a competition probably limits the number of FRC teams. And, if they do compete and qualify for CMP, they probably can’t afford another trip in terms of both time and money.

Always on the lookout for a humor opp, I passed on this one. :o
I think she meant that FRC is close to being hot in the UK and not even close in other European countries (or are they States now?). :wink:

The folks I know from the UKoGBaNI would be just fine if Europe was to be just a little farther away.

Yeah, I was in Ireland last year just before their vote on the Lisbon treaty (the second vote, which passed; it failed the first vote) and it was a pretty hot issue.

The German teams are on US military facilities; so far no actual Germans.

I work for a German company and would love to see FRC propagate there.

Oh yeah. Wow sorry for my blonde moment.


We’ve had two “actual Germans” on the TechnoKats in recent years (exchange students).

Hey, 397 had a German citizen on the team this year! :wink: Couldn’t have competed without her, she wired a good chunk of the robot.

We’ve only sent a dozen or so people off to Atlanta, but as long as we are talking about international teams, our club is a mini-UN. We were going through this just the other day: USA, Canada, Romania, Israel, Indonesia, Australia, India, China, Vietnam, and Ohio.

There are a lot more than 344 teams at Atlanta.

Yea, sorry about that FLL & FTC
Perhaps you could post where those teams hail from?

Fair enough. I’ll leave FLL to someone else, but here is the FTC breakdown:

Mexico - 2
Netherlands - 2
Canada - 2 (BC 2)

CA 10
SC 7
MO 5
MA 4
MI 4
MT 4
NJ 4
NY 4
VA 4
AK 3
FL 3
MD 3
NC 3
OK 3
OR 3
WA 3
AZ 2
CO 2
GA 2
IL 2
KY 2
MN 2
MS 2
PA 2
RI 2
TX 2
WI 2
AR 1
CT 1
IA 1
TN 1
WY 1