Championship alliance picking & accepting contest

An idea has spawned from [](this thread discussing what students say during the alliance selection process)

Many of us agree that students, although nervous, need to be more creative when inviting another team to partner with them AND when they accept an invitation.

The good folks at AndyMark would like to have some fun with this and help bring attention to this creativity.

I will bring some AndyMark “Shift Happens” t-shirts to Atlanta. One of these shirts will be given to one student on each field who gives the best invitation or acceptance during the alliance selection process.

I will ask 3 people to be fellow “judges” to help me in this contest, as I will be focused on one field. These judges will be determined once the Championship divisions are set.

“Best” is going to be subjective. A poem may win. A song may win. Some kid who brings out their fiddle and plays “_____ (their team) Went Down to Georgia” may win (that would rock, btw). A student may do a flip and then accept.

While being creative, don’t be a fool and tick off the m/c, field manager, or other staff on the field. I suggest getting input from your teammates and practice what you will say, sing or do. Have fun with it, but you are obviously still representing your team. Make them proud.

So… hope to get picked. Hope to be a picker. Keep being gracious, but be creative. A t-shirt is riding on it.

(OK… I know that a t-shirt is no big deal, but it’s better than a kick in the pants.)

If any other sponsors want to jump in here and add stuff to this winning package, you are welcome to chime in.

Andy B.

So now teams have a consolation for not making top seed - they can be creative and get a shirt from Andy!

Possibly the coolest new idea for this season. Andy does it again! I love this!

I am going to start training our students to say “Team 116 gratefully accepts the magnanimous invitation from Team ____ - and to prove it, we brought donuts!”


/edit Billfred - I didn’t say we had to actually eat them on-site :slight_smile: /edit

Unfortunately, Dave, that won’t quite work:

Please read the following restrictions and adhere to them in order to promote an orderly, safe,
pleasant, and exciting competition. As a group, we all should honor agreements with the venue and
help promote the spirit of good partnership. Please:
• Do not bring food on the site. If you bring food, do not bring it onto the property.

Though I guess that’s what Team Update #19 could be for…

(At Mission Mayhem, we explicitly banned “graciously accepting”, under penalty of being pelted by Poof balls by the field crew until they accepted in a different manner. The results weren’t legendary, but no Poof balls were thrown.)

Great idea, ANDY! This would mean great footage for me. I’ll have to see what I can add to this package… I might throw in a QC Elite t-shirt for the participant in the same division as 648 (because I only have a couple of shirts), the rest could get a care package or something from 648 (one each of our ~6 button designs and a mythical keychain we have, still have yet to see those).

I don’t think that will pass. KK Donuts are over rated. Maybe pizza topped with tapping fluid and aluminum shavings with some mountain dew will get ya first picked.

From the other thread.

I’ll throw in an 1GB MP3 player, new in the box. I have a few left I was wondering what to do with them. They will be sponsored from

Excellent!!! Looks like we have our second judge already.

Thanks, Chris.

Andy B.

OHHHH WOW! I want that mp3, who wants an AM shirt, honestly ;).

…it’s an “OK” device. 1.8" LCD screen. Look at all the stuff it does… EBOOK, GAME, MOVIE, MP3 PLAYER, PHONE BOOK, FM RADIO, the list goes on and on…charges from the wall or USB plug. Little bit short on battery life, unless you make the LCD go to sleep quick, then it seems to last for a long time.

Maybe I’ll save a few and load in the 1501 video and give them away to the top seed Ringer Bot “drivers” for a marketing ploy (since it’s our first appearance at the Dome, gotta make a good impression). Will Technokats 45 be a top ringer bot? I hope so… oooooo ooooo pick us! pick us!



(copied from previous thread)

I personally
Take on this challenge of yours
Very Graciously

Also, I hope my random haikus and limerick from the previous thread can count. I won’t be at Nationals, so this is my only chance at winning.

The only eligible entries are those said and done at the Championships, on Saturday during the official alliance selection process.


Darn. Oh well. I’ll still keep posting here for the fun of it. Perhaps to give some of those teams participating some ideas… :cool:

Nice, more bandwidth for us. ppl will actually download the alliance-selection soap videos…

KA :stuck_out_tongue:

I would definitely download the alliance selections this way!

BTW, would it be possible for me to be a judge in on this, too?

I know it’s not eligible, but here’s how 229 invited Cyber Blue to join our allaince at Long Island this year.

I’ll try to watch Curie and write down my opinions of the creativity in action.

That’s classic.