Championship Chairmans Submissions?


Our [rookie] team just qualified to go to Championships.

Do we have to re-submit our Chairman’s submission to the Championship Event? Or is that done automatically?

Also, what is the word on Chairman’s Interviews for rookies AT CHAMPIONSHIPS? Is it the same deal as it was for the Regionals?

I’m sorry if I’m posting this in the wrong place, but I want this to be answered as soon as possible.

Matt, Team 1676

i believe once you send it in its automatically sent to nationals if you win a regional chairmans award.

Only Regional Chairman’s Award Winners will submit their Chairman’s Award for the Championship Event.

All other award winners whom qualify for the Championship Event, do not submit the Chairman’s Award to the Championship Event.

Matt, you are a rookie team. You are not eligible for the Chairman’s award.
Did you win the Rookie All-Star award?

Go to the FIRST Website and pull up a copy of the rules regarding the Chairman’s Award. All your answers are there. The site where you submit is closed as the entry deadline has past.

Once submitted to the Regional of your choosing you are done submitting.
Only winners of the Regional Chairmans are in competition for the National Chairman’s Award.

Hey matt-

to be eligible for the national chairmans award you must win the regional chairmans award

is that the same for Rookie All-Star?

we won that at the Chesapeake regional and are now trying to find money to make it to atlanta. I know were eligible to go to atlanta, but do they have the same award on a national level?

YES THEY DO…you dont have to apply for it…you just gotta stand out in the judges eyes

Yes, we got All-Star at NJ (btw- good job MORT)

We don’t have to resubmit our Chairman’s entry for National All-Star, correct?

Are all rookies at Championships in the pool for All-Star? Is National All-Star out of all the rookies there, including the ones who got there for highest seed?

Is there a chairmans interview at nats?

Yes, refer to this thread

I think the problem here is that the rookie all-star is being confused with the Chairmans award. the rookie all-star, unless in my sleep deprived state I am wrong, does not require a chairmans interview, or for that matter, any interview. Just an outstanding preformance in the way of team spirit and cohesiveness. Good luck with the Rookie All-star though at GA (You guys were fabulous at Chesapeke, I’d miss y’all if you didn’t make it). Best of luck!

Michael “The Crate Guy” Greenley, Team 341

Rookie teams are not eligible for Chairman’s. Rookie All-Star does not have anything to do with the Chairman’s Award. Keep that in mind. They do not count if they are submitted, but it is good to have one in. You will not be entered to win Chairman’s.

Listen up everyone.
Rookie teams are not eligible for Chairmans.
Some rookie teams are required to submit a Chairman’s essay because they receive NASA grants and this is part of the obligation. This entry is then sent to NASA per the instructions in the manual.
Rookies may be interviewed in the pits by judges as part of consideration for Rookie All Star and Rookie Inspiration.
Rookie All Star winner gets a slot at the Championship (but no funding to get there.)
If rookies were interviewed other than in the pits at your regional, this was at the discretion of the local organizing committee and they must have been well staffed.
At the Chesapeake, this was not done since it was fairly frantic getting all the eligible Chairmans teams interviewed since there was a field of eligible 18 teams.
If you are a rookie team, and you prepared a Chairman’s essay, you may hand this out in the pits to the judges.
I will work with FIRST to clarify the guidelines next year. I spent a lot of time talking with the rookie teams at Chesapeake about this issue.

Thank you.