Championship Community Predictions

Which top 10 teams do you think people will have to watch out for coming into the championship? Which top 5 first year rookies look the best? Do you think any will make it to playoffs?

There will be plenty of rookies in the divisional playoffs, maybe not as alliance captain but definitely 2nd and 3rd picks or even 1st pick depending how they go. There are some very solid rookies out there.

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I don’t know, there are some really good rookies (first one off the top of my head- 5980) that can easily be alliance 1-2-3 captain

Top25 will post their final season results sometime next week before champs. That has a community vote portion so you should see a pretty good representation of who the community feels is the best. I would suggest you go vote in that!

In addition both top25 and LookingForward provide “expert” polls. Those are usually pretty neat too, and interesting to see how they differ from the community polls.

I could totally see 118 being on a division winning (and maybe Einstein winning?) alliance. Their performance this year has kept up with the stellar one they had last year.

California looks very well represented, with 971, the aforementioned 1678, 254, 3476, and many other incredible teams looking to add to their resumes.

There’s of course the Canadian cohort - 1114, 2056, 610, 1241, as well as the more recent 4678.

If you haven’t heard of 5172 you will after Champs :smiley:

I’d have to say that 5980 is probably the best rookie bot to be coming out of Michigan. Definitely a team to look out for.

Don’t forget Makeshift! I had the privilege of watching them at Carver division finals last year, and their bot was spectacular; they seem to have only gotten better this year.

195’s got their 2-ball auto dialed in, so I expect them to do very well.

THIS. I fully expect 5172 to make it to division finals at least

I fully expect 5842, the rookie team we worked with at South Florida, to fall under the radar and get picked up late to make a stellar alliance. They’re built to play solid defense, and can work a ball starvation strategy if needed. If no one picks them it will be sad :confused:

I had the pleasure to meet team 125 and see their bot at Arizona North this year, and they have improved a lot since then. I fully expect the Nutrons to do really well this year. I’d also be on the lookout for 2122 and 1011 as well. Both Tators and Crush are strong low goal bots, and both could have a deep run on the right alliance.

These are my predictions for the top 2 robots on the winning alliance on each division. I think Hopper will be able to take it all.

Archimedes Division:
1671 - Bird Brains
1986 - Team Titanium

Carson Division:
610 - Crescent Robotics
973 - Greybots

Carver Division:
359 - Hawaiian Kids
1114 - Simbotics

Curie Division:
1983 - Skunk
3230 - PrototypeX

Galileo Division:
3683 - Team Dave

Hopper Division:
971 - Spartan Robotics
1678 - Citrus Circuits

Newton Division:
118 - Robonauts
254 - The Cheesy Poofs

Tesla Division:
33 - Killer Bees
2056 - OP Robotics

I think the most likely candidate for winning this year has to be whoever comes out of Newton. I could see 254, 67, 1241, and 118 as the top 4, pairing up in really any way (not to mention the host of other top tier teams in the division that could eclipse them). Any one of those pairings will be very hard to stop.

Just division finals? I would be mildly surprised if they didn’t make Einstein Finals.

118-5172-4678 Newton Champions and World Champions

1678+971 is our next world champion.


World class shooter. Really small school that has made great robots in each of their first 3 seasons.

Something will have went very wrong if these 3 are allowed to be on the same alliance together!

With how deep Newton is it wouldn’t be shocking to me at all.