Championship Connection

Dean always used to do his “segments” and publicity through ABC. Disney owns ABC. Nationals were at Disney.

If Nationals aren’t at Disney, and Dean is using CBS now, and CBS is owned by VIACOM, who also owns Universal, who happens to own a theme park across the street…

Anyone else seeing this?


Viacom also owns Paramount Parks (or parts of it) so, your grasping at straws. And another thing, ABC won the bid to the Segway launch over NBC, so it wasn’t like Dean did only Disney. And I doubt that they hate eachother.

OHHH… I never though about that

Good dectitve(sp?) work Jordan<----- Not Sarcasam, just a good old compliment

Universal Studios Recreation Group is owned by Vivendi, a large conglomerate that bought out its former owners - Seagrams.

Vivendi, nor Seagrams, nor Universal Studios, owns Viacom. Viacom doesn’t own any stake of these companies.

Vivendi has been trying to dump Universal Studios Recreation Group off its hands. But, they haven’t done so, to my knowledge.

Viacom and Vivendi-Universal have, however, several joint ventures - including regional MTV channels, movie distribution companies, and theater chains.