Championship Division question.

Does anybody know when will we know in which devision we are?

and see you in St. Louis

MisCar 1574

It’ll take at least a couple of business days to finish clearing out the Week 6 teams coming, and then tell teams on the waitlist that they can come if they get their payments in right away. Then you have to sort the teams into divisions, figure out that division A is stacked with 70 of the best teams there, and redo the entire sort only to find the division C now has 40 and the rest only have 20…

I’d guess Wednesday (4/13) at the very earliest; more likely the end of next week or later. I wouldn’t put it later than the weekend before the event. So, at a guess, between 4/15 and 4/22, with minor tweaks of a team or two for a day or two after that.

In 2002 through 2004 the divisions were released the Tuesday 9 days before the beginning of the championship. That ended up ranging anywhere from before the last regional ended (2003) to 10 days after the last regional ended (2002).

In 2005, the divisions were released on a Monday, 10 days before the beginning of the championship (9 days after the end of the last regionals).

In 2006, the divisions were released on a Friday, 13 days before the beginning of the championship (13 days after the end of the last regionals).

In 2007-2009, the divisions were released on a Wednesday, 8 days before the beginning of the championship (3-4 days after the end of the last regionals).

In 2010, the divisions were released on a Thursday, 7 days before the beginning of the championship (4 days after the end of the last regionals)

In the encyclopedia of FIRST under the term Encyclopedia it says - See Joe Ross.

Seconded. We should download his brain to the FIRSTWiki to fill out the content there.

A great thing about Joe: if he could download his brain to FIRSTWiki, he would. All trusted content too…

Now was that the day that they were officially announced or the day that some people found the list ahead of time?

Haha good one! That was really funny, I won’t believe anything this year until I see the list.

I assume the divisions are assigned so that each division is equally difficult to win. Is this right?

Nope, it’s random or pseudorandom. No difficulty rating assigned to any division. This does tend to produce a stacked division every year–that’s the division that you want to be in to win the division and not be in to win the whole thing.


I imagine among other reasons, no one at FIRST has such an intimate knowledge of every single robot and team that they could actually pull that off.

I was thinking that they could use some sort of ranking system (maybe OPR?) to sort. But random should work well too.

But then you wouldn’t have fun/intense eliminations like archimedes 2010, galileo 2008, and newton 2006. :wink:

True. How do we find out which division is “stacked”?

I was wondering if FIRST tends to put teams in a division they have been in before (keep them in the same division). For example, 2337 has been in Curie 2 of 2 times. 1114 has also been in Curie 4 of 7 times. 111 has been on Newton 4 of 7 in the past seven years as well (both 1114 and 111 from TBA).

With a little bit of patience (actually, you don’t have to wait that long), the stacked division will be revealed via posts on CD.

Back in the day we used to be able to anticipate who was going to be in what division by using their fairly simple code for picking divisions. They have since changed that so it’s not quite so easy to do so.

Looking at TBA I’ve noticed a pattern as well.

176 was on Newton 02 - 06. In 07 we were on Curie, 08 was Galileo, and then 09 and 10 were Archimedes. So that’s Newton 5/9, Archimedes 2/9, Curie 1/9, and Galileo 1/9. I wonder if most teams that attend CMP every year have that one division they are in more frequently than others.

We’ve been in a different division every time we go to Worlds. (Archimedes, Curie, Galileo)

Maybe we’ll get Newton this time…

fingers crossed =

we’re 1 team away from qualifying