Championship Event button Maker Needed

It would only be fate to have your button maker die just days before the championship event. Team 478 (FTC) is in search of any team (FTC or FRC) who will be bringing a button maker to the Championship event. We will bring all the supplies. Please contact me via PM if you will have one available. WE will be in Atlanta on Wednesday, and staying at the Best Western Airport location (if you happen to be staying there)

Thank you in advace,

Team 478

We have a button maker that will are bringing but it is pretty old. I would have to talk to my advisors about lending it out. The earliest I could let you know is Thursday in the pits.

We will be bringing ours Team 894. Staying at the Holiday Inn Downtown. You should be able to borrow it if you would like. Its brand new.
Matt Rybar
PM me if you want my cell #

Thanks I’ll get a mentor to give you a call allrgiht