Championship Event Finale Tickets - Unused Tickets Available?

I am looking to find out if any teams out there have tickets for the FIRST Finale that they won’t be using, due to leaving on Saturday night?

We are staying off-site to save money, and most of our team members are leaving on Saturday night. However, a few folks aren’t leaving until Sunday and would like to be able to go to the FIRST Finale event on Saturday night.

I know that our team had unused FIRST Finale Tickets the last time we attended Championships that we ended up giving away to other teams that didn’t have tickets.

I’m hoping that there may be some other teams out there leaving on Saturday night that won’t be using their FIRST Finale tickets. If so, we’re looking for about a dozen tickets total, but even if you have only one or two, it would be appreciated. Thanks!

I will usually be in the 1519 pit area. I can also be contacted on my cell phone: 603- two zero three -5461. I’ll also be checking email (coach-streeter at nightly.


I know that I am also looking for 2 tickets. This is my third year going to Championships and I have never been able to go to to the Finale. I don’t have a team to go with, but if you have 2 extra tickets, I’ll be wandering around the pits. Black 1525 shirt, red inner tube skirt etc.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH CD!!! :slight_smile:

We’re also looking for tickets.
Black polo shirt, 2230 pit, I’ll usually be there.

you might want to check with 1002.
They are staying at package hotels and are a local team that has prom on Sat. night and often have extra tickets. They might want to recoup $